A little bit about me...

I was a prairie raised kid who fell in-love with the mountains, and moved to Vancouver where I hiked mountains, played in the ocean, and did a whole lot of yoga.

After a few career changes I went back to school and was doing my undergrad in business administration while working in yoga studios. I had every intention of focusing on management in my career, but an internship fell into my lap with an amazing marketing team, and I quickly fell in-love with everything digital marking. After a couple corporate gigs, I started freelance work, focusing on smaller businesses that were passionate about what they did and just needed help getting their vision onto the web. I focus on web design and social media strategy and am most interested in working with clients to teach them the tools they need to run their own ships.

When I moved from Vancouver to Nelson, I knew I would have a lot more time on my hands and finally gave myself time to pursue the creative projects that I had been day dreaming about and launched Stone & Ash where I currently am doing hand casted concrete work and candle making, and am now day dreaming about future projects and collaborations with other local makers.