Lyme Treatment Round Two

Last fall I did my first round with so much unknown. After 13 years of living with it, I didn’t know what was a symptom of Lyme, what was old injuries, what was ‘normal’, and what was just in my head. Treatment was sort of a hard and fast type of approach, aiming to treat both the Lyme as well as the co-infections, and I had a beautiful brief period of time that I was symptom-free and could establish a new baseline of what my ‘normal’ felt like.

Over the past few months my symptoms have been slowly creeping back in, and then in the last short while they started getting pretty bad really quickly, with my mobility decreasing from neurological issues, and the pain in my legs keeping me up at night. A majority of my energy has been focused on trying to find a balance between resting and trying to get in enough exercise to maintain a healthy amount of muscle mass, as well as to aid in circulation (which helps with the pain in my legs). Then what little energy I’ve had left has been spent researching treatment options, all of which looked like they would involve travel to the US and cost close to a small house out here.

I spent a week stressing out about how to make this all work and feeling trapped in a body that was slowly shutting down, but also reaching out and talking to friends and family about it so that I didn’t feel so alone in all of this. Then I got a call from my doctor and he is willing to treat me long-distance, at an itty bitty fraction of the cost that I was expecting, so suddenly I’m filled with hope and am reminding myself that everything will come as it is meant to in one way or another.

So I tattooed ‘home’ across my skin to remind myself of what I’m fighting for, and am feeling so grateful for the community of support around me.